Thursday, December 24, 2009

Any day can be Christmas

Holidays are especially difficult for divorced families. My divorce clearly spells out what days each parent gets, and major holiday are flip-flopped each year. I encourage all families experiencing a divorce to get a plan in writing (no matter how nice you seem to be during the divorce... time will tarnish us all).

So, even though it has been 10 years since our divorce and my babies are 22 and 17, I pulled out last year's calendar to see "who got Christmas day" this year.

What I have learned over time is this...Christmas can be any day. It used to kill me to not be able to celebrate the holiday, be it Thanksgiving or Halloween or whatever, with my children on the actual day. When we realized that any day together is good, the holiday became joyous again.

Here's wishing your day, whatever day you get to celebrate it, is happy and healthy.