Sunday, September 26, 2010

What would you say to her?

"To give life a meaning,
one must have a purpose
larger than one's self."
~Will Durant

"I need to learn to live life to the fullest, so I need your help to give me things I should and should not do while living life."

I stared at this new email message in my in-box.

I had no words of inspiration for this woman, this searching soul, who needed my help, my guidance. Nothing.

Why couldn't I answer her? For heaven's sake, I publish an inspirational website. If you google "living life to the fullest," my website is ranked #1 out of 700,000 websites. I should know something about this.

Maybe I worry that what works for me won't work for her, or what I had to go through in living a full life is too much to ask of someone else. 

Maybe until this moment, I really haven't believed I was living my life to the fullest. Certainly, I was living my life at a dead run...too tired to care if it was "fullest" as long as it was "full." Still, there have to be some shared experiences we can all agree define fullness.

I try to have more good days than bad, more tears from happy moments than sad, more kind than hateful actions in a day, each day. But is that life at its "fullest?"

I know I soak myself in my children's interests and activities. I work passionately at causes I believe in, maybe too passionately at times. I fret when those who have refuse to give to those who don't have. But is that life at its "fullest?"

I know what My Lord asks of me and though I do many of those things right, I sometimes do things wrong. Am I still living life to the fullest when I fail to live life righteously?

So, tell me, what would you tell this woman? Really, I want you to comment here on the blog and tell me. She's asking you what she should do and not do in her life. What will you tell her?

I know my "ahhhhh" moment won't be the same as yours or as hers, but maybe, between you and you and you and me, we can inspire this young woman along a path of finding joy in the journey we call life.

Photo credit: Not sure who took this photo at Jen's wedding, but little Lily certainly seems to be living to the fullest.


konnie said...!/notes/teresa-miller/walking-slowly/438753064581

Anonymous said...


Give love and expect nothing in return.
Accept love even though it can make you vulnerable.
Do things for yourself and others that bring you joy, just to feel joy. give yourself that
Remember to feel and show gratitude.
Reach out in your own unique way to connect to your God and World.

Do it literally...start with a check list. After a while it can be a mental checklist, but at first it needs to be a conscious decision. Somedays,it may feel impossible, but the joy maybe as small as rolling down the window to feel the sun, the love given may just be a smile to someone who looks low, but you've done have decided to give love and feel joy...giant steps toward living fully.

PS. I'm working on it. The sun felt pretty good today.

The Encourager said...

The key to living life fully is being happy where you are.

Leave room in your day to be quiet and listen to your heart. Listen to God.

Do things for others without expecting anything in return.

Say your sorry when you hurt someone else and forgive easily.

Remember you can't be perfect by yourself, no matter how hard you try. No matter how busy you are. No matter how fast you run. Without God, you are just busy-Not full.

Sometimes less is more. The smallest things are the most
important. The kiss from your child, the hug when your down, the note of encouragement when you are at the end of your rope.

Take time to live and your life will become full.

Aligna said...

Look for everything that you want within. All the answers to life, love, laughter and living are within. Nothing is greater than yourself except God. Love yourself completely totally and don't give a care what others think in terms of you. Be the best you that you can be. Laugh at every opportunity, create more opportunities, and go with your inner being as your guide. For you always know what to do.

Paul LeMay said...

First and above all things, you must work at learning to like and love yourself. Meaning, to be confident in knowing who and what you are. To not fear to try new things, to take chances on new opportunities. Jesus says "Love your neighbor as you would yourself." This implies love begins with you. Do not fear, be and do what pleases you. Live life through your eyes, not through thoses of others, not your mothers, father, or anyone. Fill yourself with love, give it forward, you receive what you give. Warning, you must remained focused on your path, if you fall, get back up and move forward,

Anonymous said...

well i am no one to tell any one how to live life to the fullest because i dont believe that i have even began living my life to the fullest. but if i had anything to say to this little girl it would be to just follow your heart do what you believe is right and dont be a vitim be a creator. you have control of your life do what you feel is right. but also understand the diffrece between right and wrong.